Blue Octopus Learning

Blue Octopus Learning specialises in Leadership & Management development, psychometric testing & executive coaching.
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No one wants to be a bad manager, right? But companies so often fall at the first hurdle by not setting their managers up for success. Without time, patience and the opportunity for skill development no wonder poor management has such a negative impact on turnover.

Brilliant management requires a level of Emotional Intelligence (EI) and an increased focus on soft skills over technical skills. You may be an expert in the field you work in but this doesn’t mean you are automatically good at managing people.

With the topic of management comes an array of skills and techniques considered important, so at Blue Octopus Learning I work with you to identify the unique areas of development required and create a bespoke learning programme that will transform your management skills.

To get a feel for the types of topics we may cover, I have included a few common areas of development below:

Understanding your management style
Creating a psychologically safe environment
Delegating to others
Effective communication
Motivating others
Handling difficult conversations
Managing team conflict
Stakeholder management
Change management
Management for women

With more flexibility in the workplace, I acknowledge the need to deliver learning solutions in multiple formats. Although I love to facilitate learning face to face I can easily adapt my content and flex my approach to suit virtual learning and still deliver the necessary results.

I don’t only offer traditional ‘classroom learning’, I often include other learning platforms that compliment the learners experience. We are so fortunate to have access to so many resources out there from books, talks and digital learning it would be silly not to make use of it. The downside of such content is knowing where to start, so I will do all the hard work for you and find the most relevant and enriching content for you…..easy!

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