Curbb is the digital high street, connecting shoppers with local offline and online sellers in an online marketplace.
Tel: 07801559669

*Launching soon!*

Curbb was born with the idea that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed in their passion and what they’re good at.

Having seen the downfall of our high streets over the past decade, our team wanted to put together a business model that would truly impact local communities.

The idea is that so many people would love to support their local stores, but truthfully it’s become increasingly inconvenient in comparison to its online competitors.

We believe that by providing a digital high street, shoppers will once again fall in love with shopping locally. They’ll be able to buy with instant fulfilment from both online and brick and mortar stores as well as being able to identify everything that is in stock to avoid wasted journeys.

Many businesses nowadays will begin by running an online store which would usually mean they miss out on all of the advantages of local.

By shopping with us here at Curbb, you’re making an impact on a small local business and therefore playing a role in the rise of the new digital high street!

We’re currently welcoming all local businesses who sell products onto the marketplace to provide them with new opportunities for growth.

Disclaimer: Berkshire Growth Hub does not recommend or endorse anyone listed within the Marketplace.