Dawn Barnes Corporate Wellbeing

Helping growing companies improve employee mental wellbeing to create happy and healthy workplaces.
Tel: 07736626367

Based in Binfield, near Bracknell in Berkshire, I help growing companies create happier and mentally healthier workplaces through my “Wellbeing at work essentials” program.

By using this program, you can offer an effective way to help your employees feel more engaged, happy and healthy at work. This, in turn, increases awareness of important wellbeing challenges, leading to improved staff morale, communication and performance.

→ lower employee mental health absence and sickness costs by providing effective prevention and early intervention tools for your employees

→ improve employee productivity and performance by reducing the negative impacts of presenteeism where employees show up to work when sick.

→ support managers who may not feel comfortable or equipped to manage staff mental health issues with this proven program

→ enhance your employer brand to attract new recruits and retain them as people increasingly look for “employer of choice” organisations that offer the provision of on-going employee wellbeing programs.

→ provide an awareness-raising solution to help reduce the mental health stigma.

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