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Louise began her career as a journalist and broadcaster on TV and Radio, writing articles for print and online media for BBC Commercial brands. Work with her to plan campaigns, your social media and marketing content.
Tel: 07985650204

PR and marketing doesn’t have to be confusing or scary. Let’s shake off the mystery and confusion because knowledge is power. My knowledge, expertise and toolkits share practical and helpful solutions to grow your brand and grab visibility opportunities. I am giving you that can-do spirit with a sprinkle of fun too!

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What you should know about Louise (in a nutshell)
Louise is a two-time award winning media and communications specialist with over 20 years’ experience working in the media, marketing, and PR industry with names like the BBC and Superdrug. For Louise it’s all about creating stories of success and sharing messages about achievements. Oh and she’s partial to a sweet treat or two …..(sssh, don’t tell her dentist!)

She combines her wealth of experiences, knowledge and expertise in to these services to work with you. Louise describes herself as a influencer storyteller and crater in the PR and media industry

Here are a few ideas to work together

Join Louise for a power hour
Louise shares insightful and practical ideas during a live 1-hour session, via social media to help:

  • New start-ups
  • Side hustlers
  • Leaders and consultants

Download an interactive digital toolkit
Choose from 14 different interactive and downloadable toolkits to help you understand PR and marketing. The concise toolkits give you practical ideas and information. Upskill yourself to use the:

  • Helpful checklists
  • Practical tasks
  • Handy templates
  • Download the instant digital resource to help you plan, understand use create your own promotional plan.

Join the Social Club online session

Join a small group of entrepreneur leaders to network, connect, and learn how to build a marketing, PR, and communications campaign using toolkits and know-how with Louise.

During the 3-hour session:

  • Meet other business owners
  • Create a campaign
  • Download your free toolkit
  • Have a 1-2-1 30 minute Q&A session with Louise

Let’s do a 1-2-1 ‘Great Minds’ mentoring session
1-2-1 let’s problem solve your communications problem with a full day session to coach, mentor and create communications for your business.
This one demand service gives you a day to solve a communications and marketing problem with a 60 minute Q&A session with Louise as a follow -up.

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