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Are you a business owner, director or senior leader? Responsible for leading a team and considerable business results? Do you feel those results could be so much better, if only the team would work better together and everyone did what they were supposed to be doing? They are all capable, professional people. So why they are are not working like a team?

Would you like your team to take more ownership and responsibility?

Would you like to feel part of a dream team?

Would you like to boost business performance AND work well together?

It’s what I call a team with a Spark, and it is exactly what I can help you with! ✨

Spark unlimited offers Team & Leadership Coaching and Leadership skills training. Giving you more confidence as a leader and helping your team to become more effective and take ownership.

Marlies Butterworth, founder and DreamTeamologist, is an ICF qualified coach, and trained in team coaching, systemic constellations coaching and group dynamics. But equally important: she has experienced what you are experiencing. Managing and leading teams at senior level, in a highly competitive environment. She knows what it feels like to be under pressure, heads down and just go. But she also knows what a difference it makes when your team works like a dream. It makes hard work fun!

Improving your business results, and enjoying working together. Giving you energy and trust in your team. Are you looking for that Spark? ✨

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