Navigating Greenwashing – Policies, Pitfalls, and Prevention

Learn how to recognize and tackle misleading environmental claims, gain insights on EU and UK policies, and understand the impact of upcoming elections on sustainability commitments. Featuring experts from Whitehouse Communications, Andrea Gutierrez-Solana and Lavinia Troiani, who will share their expertise on policy analysis and regulatory matters. Hosted by Elizabeth Corse, Climate Communicator and Founder of DisCom.

13 February 2024

10:00 am

10:45 am



Greenwashing – we know it exists but recognising greenwashing in practice, often in very sophisticated campaigns, makes it challenging for any company to navigate the jungle of false environmental claims.

The UK and EU are taking decisive measures by imposing direct penalties for misleading environmental claims.

For those short on time, working out how to protect yourself from making inaccurate claims is now a potential liability not just a mere concern while the risk of overlooking and not properly highlighting genuine sustainability efforts can lead to missed opportunities for differentiation.

Join us for this webinar, featuring experts from Whitehouse Communications, an independent communications agency specialising in public affairs, policy analysis, media relations, crisis communications, for insights on navigating the complexities of greenwashing.

We will cover:

💡What is Greenwashing, how prevalent it is and how to recognise it

💡What on-going policy efforts are there in the EU and the UK to tackle it, and why it is one of the EU’s big sustainability priorities at the moment

💡What are the top level insights you need to know from the policy landscape and how do these regulations impact businesses

💡Learn how the result of upcoming EU and UK elections might impact policy sustainability commitments

Participants are asked to submit questions in advance, providing an opportunity to engage directly with the speakers. Questions received during the registration process will be prioritized during the session’s Q&A. The session will be recorded and shared with all attendees for reference.

Andrea Gutierrez-Solana, Associate Director, Whitehouse Communications

Andrea leads Whitehouse’s food and sustainability practice. She advises clients – including brands, manufacturers and trade associations – on the EU and UK policies and regulation that impact them, while helping them navigate and inform potential challenges and make use of opportunities. Her previous experience includes working for a law firmed specialised in competition, trade and agri-food regulatory matters, and for the European Commission Directorate General for Trade, where she dealt with food safety and market access files.

Lavinia Troiani, Consultant, Whitehouse Communications

Lavinia is a Consultant in Whitehouse Communications’ EU public affairs team, where she supports clients in the Food & Nutrition and Tech sectors, amongst others. While at Whitehouse and in prior employment, she has had the opportunity to focus on UK policy issues, providing her with an all-around expertise in both EU and UK policy and regulatory work. Within her work, she has been supporting clients in understanding EU and UK’s sustainability policy.

This webinar is hosted by Elizabeth Corse, Climate Communicator and Founder of DisCom. DisCom is a training company focused on climate education for business. We’re on a mission to kickstart climate conversations in workplaces, everywhere. Our approach goes beyond typical training as we focus on creating cross-team connections thanks to in-person and interactive group-based activities. Our promise? No dull reports or complicated jargon – just a space to talk and learn about climate change together and how to build resilience for its impact on businesses.

Event organised by: DisCom

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