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Conectid Group stands at the vanguard of innovative, sustainable consumer goods, boasting a family of dynamic businesses that underpin our vision of blending design with functionality. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, innovation, and ethical practices, we’re redefining the consumer goods landscape through our distinguished ventures: PopArtFusion, Appliance Book, OnHardware, and Conectid Robotics. Each entity not only embodies our core values but also contributes uniquely to our overarching mission, ensuring a diversified yet coherent approach to offering exceptional consumer products.

PopArtFusion epitomises the fusion of art and technology within the consumer goods domain. This branch revitalises everyday items with the vivacity of pop art, transforming functional products into captivating art pieces that spark joy and colour in daily life. PopArtFusion exemplifies our ideology that design and utility are not mutually exclusive but rather complementary forces that bring forth products that are as inspiring as they are practical.

Appliance Book emerges as the quintessential hub for the avant-garde in home appliances. It offers exhaustive reviews, trend insights, and guidance on selecting smart, eco-friendly appliances. Appliance Book embodies our dedication to consumer enlightenment and autonomy, guiding them towards making informed, value-aligned choices.

OnHardware  with its innovative hardware solutions, mirroring our zeal for sustainability and groundbreaking technology. This platform is rich with introductions, analyses, and explorations of the newest consumer electronics and hardware, all through the lens of environmental stewardship and technological excellence.

Conectid Robotics embodies our technological aspirations, focusing on robotics that enhance everyday efficiency while honouring our ethical and sustainable principles. Leading the charge in robotics, Conectid Robotics is committed to developing assistants that are as beneficial to society and the environment as they are to individual consumers.

Collectively, these subsidiaries propel Conectid Group’s ambition to challenge conventional norms and integrate new materials, technologies, and designs to craft unparalleled masterpieces. They enable us to cater to a diverse clientele without ever compromising on our ethos, ensuring that every product we bring to market is a stride toward a future that values sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. We invite you to join our movement—a journey of innovation, ethical responsibility, and design, where each product is a testament to a brighter, more sustainable future.

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