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Education Boutique – A Journey of Growth and Impact

Berkshire Growth Hub were excited to work with Lucy Alexandra Spencer, a former teacher, who ventured into the realm of private tutoring with a clear mission in mind — to create a lasting impact on education and empower students through 1-2-1 learning.

Lucy Alexandra Spencer

As Education Boutique started gaining momentum, Lucy faced a significant hurdle: efficiently resourcing a growing number of tutoring sessions to meet the demand for their services. The challenge was to win major contracts and promptly find the right educators to fulfil them.

Recognising the need for strategic and financial guidance, Lucy connected with the Berkshire Growth Hub. Over weeks of engagement, the Growth Hub provided invaluable tools and expert guidance with the aim to transform Education Boutique from a small business to a medium-sized one. The Growth Hub ensured that throughout its support, Lucy’s vision of using her business as a platform to drive change and innovation in education was met.

Education Boutique strategically recruited and expanded its team. This move propelled the business to new heights, enabling Lucy to secure significant contracts and subsequently boost the organisation’s growth and impact – she envisions a future where the company continues to shape the landscape of education, fostering inclusivity and creating opportunities for all.

Steve BulleySteve Bulley, Head of Business Support, comments: “This great partnership between Education Boutique and Berkshire Growth Hub underscores the importance of recognising and addressing challenges early on, seeking guidance from the Berkshire Growth Hub, and constantly evolving to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. The success of Education Boutique demonstrates that with the right vision, determination, and strategic partnerships, any business can overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact on society.”

Today, Education Boutique stands as an educational empire with an impressive network of 30,000 tutors. This vast network allows it to swiftly fulfil tutoring positions, further fuelling its growth. What started as a focus on the parent market has evolved into a business primarily funded by local authorities and schools, targeting a crucial niche – supporting and enabling Special Educational Needs (SEN) education. Lucy’s journey with Education Boutique exemplifies the power of strategic planning, perseverance, and seeking the right support.

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