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Funding Escalator supports Artelli42 with £150,000 expansion loan

Reading based Artelli42, has secured £150,000 from Thames Valley Berkshire Expansion Loan to take their ground-breaking product EXALT™, to the next level.

There is a broad assumption, that when learning is delivered to professionals in critical roles, like airline pilots or pharmaceutical professionals, they will have understood and digested the subject matter which they have been taught, but most importantly they will be able to apply this knowledge to their roles.  However, once away from the learning environment this assumption of not just knowledge retention, but its application within the workplace is incorrect. This is mainly due in part to what is referred to as the “forgetting curve.” Put simply, knowledge can be forgotten if it cannot be recalled and applied reducing the effectiveness of what has been learned.

The “forgetting curve” can be addressed with what is referred to as “spaced recall” repeated recall of the learned knowledge.  This recall still doesn’t mean that it can be competently applied within the workplace.  So how can this be addressed?

Artelli42, established in 2018 by Ian Welburn and Alan Casey with the support of Phillip Hall, is a global leader in human behavioural emulation. Ian, Alan and Philip understood that the knowledge competency of professionals in critical roles is tested through role play simulations, which strengthens recall allowing knowledge to be better applied in the workplace. Together, they began working on virtual role play simulations. From their research, they have developed an advanced form of “Chatbot” called EXALT™

Ian Welburn, Co-Founder of Artelli42 explains: “We are very excited to grow our business and to use this funding to scale-up Artelli42. EXALT™ is an exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) product and is a new class of conversational technology.  EXALT™ delivers spaced recall, tests competence and confidence through app based virtual replays whilst providing forensic insight into the development needs of teams. We would like to thank Cheryl for guiding us through the funding process and we look forward to the completion of the development and delivery of the core production and configuration systems, to take EXALT™ to the next level.”

Cheryl Weeks, Head of Funds, South East for The FSE Group, commented: “It was great to be introduced to Ian and his team and to help them take EXALT™ to the next level. The application of knowledge is key within organisations and with the virtual learning and support provided to teams by EXALT™, this can be achieved. These are exciting times for the team as they look to continue to develop EXALT™ reaching out to more companies to support learning and development.”


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