Appletree Marketing Consulting Ltd

Struggling to find enough new clients for your business? Talk to me about how marketing is actually not rocket science and how you can use it simply, to attract all the clients you need.
Tel: 07773 252 744

Every business needs clients and income. But do you struggle to get enough? You’ve spent time and money on your marketing, on websites, social media, networking … but you’re not getting the results you want. It’s hard to fit marketing into your week. You’d rather be busy with clients which means that the marketing always slips down the to do list. You don’t feel confident that you’re getting the right message out there. Or you feel that marketing is trial and error, which means making mistakes until you find what works. All this leaves you with whatever work comes your way, rather than with your ideal clients. And it almost certainly leads to the feast and famine that drains you, like so many small businesses. It doesn’t have to be this way. You can solve all of these problems with a surprisingly simple shift in mindset and a bit of planning.

How can I help? I’m Chantal Cornelius and since 2000, I’ve helped hundreds of coaches, consultants and trainers to reach new clients. I’ll show you how to do it, in plain English. Then I’ll hold your hand until you build the marketing habits that’ll get you the results you’re after. Call me on 07773 252 744 to talk about what sort of support you need.

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