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Many of us operate in crowded markets.Learning what sets you apart from your competitors and using that information to your advantage can be priceless.It’s the essence of what I do. Helping businesses discover what makes them stand out.  Si
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Many of us operate in crowded markets.

Learning what sets you apart from your competitors and using that information to your advantage can be priceless.

It’s the essence of what I do. Helping businesses discover what makes them stand out.  

Sign up for a discovery package with me and you’ll gain clarity on who your ideal client is and what makes your product or service more attractive to them than those offered by your competitors.  In short, what makes you stand out to the customers that count.

I also provide guidance on how you can leverage this insight within your marketing, whether you decide to do it yourself, work further with me or with another marketing professional.

No more getting lost in the crowd, spending lots of time and money on marketing that doesn’t resonate the way you want with the customers you wish to attract.

To put it another way, if you want your marketing to be based on solid foundations that will lead to it generating results and costing you less in the long run, then get in touch.


These are unprecedented times during which many of us have been compelled to make varying degrees of change to our businesses. Through my free group brainstorm sessions, my power hours and Market Smarter course, I have been helping other businesses make those changes and stand up to coronavirus. I can help you too.

Brainstorm sessions

I am offering FREE group brainstorming sessions to help other business owners turn all the change and upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic into an opportunity.

During the session you will have a chance to share ideas and brainstorm on topics that could include:

– what to do day-to-day in your business during the crisis
– targeting alternative audiences
– adapting how and what you sell / diversifying

Or if you don’t have anything specific you want to discuss or explore you can simply use the session as an opportunity to have a supportive chat with people in a similar boat to you.

Visit my Stand Up To Coronavirus page for dates of upcoming sessions.

Power hours

I am offering power hours where we can discuss in greater depth you and your business one on one. We can explore one or more of the following, or a marketing-related topic of your choice:

  • What you are doing in your business right now in response to the changes and challenges brought about by the coronavirus outbreak. What are your goals?
  • What could you be doing to diversify in terms of audience and/or your proposition in order to future-proof your business?
  • Creating a marketing action plan for any ideas you have come up with or already launched.

Contact me at to book your power hour now for £99

Save on a Discovery Package later in the year: Have a power hour now and you can take £99 off the cost of a Discovery Package later in the year.

Market Smarter

Market Smarter is the online course for savvy businesses. Are you a business owner looking to up-skill your marketing? Perhaps you are employed in marketing? Maybe you are new to the role and want to learn the fundamentals and are looking for a course that is both engaging and practical? Or you have been in marketing for a while but would like to fine-tune your skills and knowledge? Containing 12 modules packed with tips and guidance, Market Smarter will enable you to build a robust marketing strategy that will result in much smarter marketing. Find out more.

One of the ways Distinktiv is standing up to Coronavirus

More about the free group brainstorm sessions


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