Sigma 6 Works
Tel: 7435314444

Building your peoples skills is critical to sustaining growth and momentum, our training methods , process improvement and learning content will ensure that your people will grow and add greater value to your business

Sigma 6 works training is very participative and interactive. We don’t do “role plays” – we are not “playing at it” – we do “reality plays” – we get as near to “real life situations” as is possible.

Our trainers all come from backgrounds of first class high achievement in their respective disciplines –  ensuring that they can help your people to progress to the highest level that they are capable of.

Our trainers will assist your people to improve their skills so that they both a) grow as individuals, and – equally importantly – b) bring the resultant benefits to your business that high achievement delivers.

Sigma 6 works offers a problem solving road map that can be applied to any business function . Utilising 6 Sigma analytic’s to identify core problems then creating a strategy plan of change , development and a continual winning edge .

What is 6 Sigma - developed over 60 years ago by Motorola and then by Toyota as a way to improve manufacturing . Companies then realised that 6 sigma could improve any part of a business it works perfectly well within all departments and functions.



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