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Inspirational Mental Health & Wellbeing training providers, for the workplace, charities - anyone who is human!
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We provide Inspirational Mental Health & Wellbeing training courses for a wide variety of organisations.
If you are a business owner or Manager, how do you make sure your employees are not just surviving, but thriving?
It’s important – people who are appreciated, respected and well supported make the best team members and are more likely to STAY with you.
We can help you with courses lasting from one hour – Lunch and Learns or Bitesize Learning, to those lasting days.
In the first instance we will discuss your needs and help you to choose the training package that will help your workplace be a happier place to be.

Topics include Managing Mental Health, Mental Health First Aid, Emotional First Aid, Personal Resilience, The Science of Happiness, Stress – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Getting a Good Nights Sleep, Unhelpful Thinking,  Jigsaw Discovery Tool (great for teams to understand each other better) and more.
Our feedback is always exceptionally good. We can help you take the fear, mystery, stigma out of mental illness and provide you with ways to flourish

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