Wokingham Positive Difference

Wokingham Positive Difference links local business leaders from all sectors in a monthly core event


Through encouraging participants to share their knowledge and areas of expertise for the betterment of all, via our monthly meetings and workshops, Wokingham Positive Difference enables stronger businesses and communities to be built.


Positivity: Forward thinking and looking.

Educate and Inform: Learning from those knowledgeable in their field

Activity: Doing business together

Contribution: Sharing knowledge and insights for the benefit of others.

Honesty and Integrity: Interacting with like minded businesses and groups.

Engagement: Supporting local community groups and charities.



Our aim is to enable businesses to grow as a result of being part of Wokingham Positive Difference and to…

  • Be a recognised group in the community known for the positivity of its participants.
  • Provide an interesting and informative programme of events
  • Invite inspiring speakers who captivate listeners
  • Attract participants who engage others without pressured sales
  • Be a vibrant group where people tell others what we do and encourage newcomers to join.
  • Encourage Business to Business sales that are developed from a position of trust
  • Encourage the development of community fund raising.


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