Case study

Support to Sales – AMiTEK

AMiTEK are an IT Managed Service Provider, taking care of IT support services and consultancy for businesses across the UK. Amitek’s strong reputation for great customer service and going above and beyond for their clients means they have experienced healthy growth, built on referrals and recommendation.

This meant some of the core business processes, particularly relating to sales and marketing, were not prioritised.

We asked Danny Tagg, Technical Director at AMiTEK, what the problem was and how working with Berkshire Growth Hub helped to solve this…

“We started to review our current customer base in house and realised that although we were doing well at delivering the services we offered, we were lacking expertise with the actual running of the business itself. As a result, we started to search online for business advice, which is where we found the Berkshire Growth Hub.

After an initial online meeting, Sara from the Berkshire Growth Hub scheduled several meetings at our office to run through our processes and provide advice. From those meetings we have been able to start implementing significant changes to improve our bookkeeping process and our sales and marketing strategy.

Sara has offered her continuing support, and we look forward to working with her going forward.

Working with Sara has been great. We weren’t sure what to expect from our initial enquiry, but we are truly happy to have followed up on it. Not only has the process given us confidence in what we have already been doing but we now have some realistic targets to work towards in the future.”

Sara, Business Growth Adviser at Berkshire Growth Hub, added:

When a business is doing well, but the owners know there is still untapped potential, it’s a privilege to be invited to delve into the operation, unpick some of the challenges and opportunities, and guide the business towards sustainable growth. Danny Tagg and Phil Rance at Amitek are uncompromising on the service that they and their team provide to clients and their client retention rates reflect this. We looked closely at what success would look like for both directors over the coming years and what changes were needed to make that happen. Like many small businesses, having the time to research and plan strategic change can be a challenge. Danny and Phil have been committed to doing so throughout the High Growth Programme and I’m delighted they are well on the way to growing in the way they want to.

For more information on how the Berkshire Growth Hub team can help support your business, through masterclasses or one to one support, please contact them here.


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