How to Boost Your Team’s Health and Well-being in the Hybrid Working Model

Making the most of the Hybrid working model can be achieved with a mix of communication skills as well as an eye on the health and well-being of your team! We explore our model during this introductory webinar for HR, CEOs, and Management, which enhances team building whilst looking after an individual's needs for well-being. A sense of greater empathy can create a culture of greater team Productivity and Trust.

26 January 2024

14:00 pm

2:45 pm



This virtual event introduces TEAMHEALTH 360 from BODYBACKUP Healthcare, which has been based in Maidenhead for over 30 years.

We are experienced Allied Health Professionals recognised by NHS England. We work with those in the business and healthcare sectors to understand the challenges and opportunities of the new reality of **HYBRID teams**. We know that balancing freedom, trust, well-being, and health can be complex.

We want to help you navigate this topic and help you retain and grow your teams while helping them thrive. Health and safety compliance when it comes to Workstation health is not only a legal requirement, but also a chance to support and empower your teams and foster a culture of cooperation and self-care.

What you will learn?

In this webinar, you will explore:

  • Assessing and improving your team’s workstation well-being in the Hybrid working model
  • Implementing practical strategies to prevent and manage stress with breaks and exercise
  • Create a supportive and positive work environment that values well-being and performance
  • Engage and motivate the team on wellbeing for all.

This webinar is free, and we welcome questions and interaction from our audience on this topic in January 2024

How to join

This webinar is **free**, and we welcome questions and interaction from our audience on this topic in **January 2024**.

Presenter: Osteopath AHP Robin LANSMAN  – MIHPE

Website: www.bodybackup.co.uk

To join us, please indicate your interest on the Contact form on the enquiry LINK, and we will send you a TEAMS link in due course.

Event organised by: BODYBACKUP Healthcare

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