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Whether you’re starting, running or growing your business, we can provide information and resources to help. 

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The Berkshire Growth Hub delivers the government funded business advice service and supports small and medium sized enterprises in Berkshire to achieve sustainable business growth.

The Berkshire Growth Hub is part of The Berkshire LEP, a government funded, business led body, working to maintain the status of Berkshire as the engine of the UK economy.

Business Support Programmes

We have designed two new programmes to help take your business to the next level.

Start-up programme

Our information packed workshops and coaching sessions are designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to launch your business successfully.

High Growth programme

Tailored support, a dedicated business adviser and access to 1-1 sessions with sector specialists, the High Growth programme can help you supercharge your business.

We’re here for you.

Are you a business in Berkshire looking for support? Get in touch with our Business Advisers:

Masterclass webinars

Starting your business

You’ve got a great idea or you’ve just started and need some support. Our information will help your business get off to the right start.

Running your business

Your business is up and running and you need guidance to overcome day to day challenges. Our support and targeted information can get your business running smoothly.

Growing your business

Your business is established and you want to accelerate your sustainable growth. Our guidance and 1-2-1 support from the Business Adviser team is available.

Access your support

Business is easier when you have help. Our guides and resources cover key aspects of starting, running and growing a business. We’re funded by Government and work in Berkshire, so have knowledge of local and national offers that can support you.

Create your profile

Creating a profile gives you direct access to our support guides, tailored resources, Marketplace listing and more.

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Offering you concise, up to date information, supporting you at any business stage.

Access tailored resources

Providing you full access to our detailed resources that our tailored to your business needs.

We’re here for you.

Are you a business in Berkshire looking for support? Get in touch with our Business Advisers:
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Top 10 AI Tools for SMEs in 2024

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Adopting Sustainable Practices

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